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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable tape conversion service to bring your special moments back to life on VHS/VHS-C, Video8/Hi8, or MiniDV tapes? Look no further than Enhanced Imaging.

Our flat conversion rate is only £10 per tape, with the choice to receive your converted footage on DVD for an additional £5 or on a USB stick for £10. We don’t charge by the hour, making our service more budget-friendly than competitors who charge £25 for the first hour of VHS tape conversion, with extra hours at £7.50.

For tapes with under 2 hours of footage, you can get it all on one DVD for a total cost of just £15. If your tape exceeds 2 hours, additional DVDs are only £1 each. Alternatively, you can choose to have your footage transferred to a USB stick, which can hold approximately 6-8 hours of video – a cost-effective option if you have multiple tapes.

For an extra cost, you can also add our enhancement package, which uses AI technology to improve the quality of your tape footage. This package adds extra detail and upscales the footage to HD resolution, making it perfect for viewing on modern TVs. The price for the enhancement package is £5 per 60 minutes of footage.

If you’re interested in our tape conversion service, don’t hesitate to use our contact form for more information. We’re here to help you enjoy your special moments again. If you’re not sure what type of tape you have visit our guide here.